Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Cool

It is now 8:40 a.m. as I impatiently wait for the AC repairman to appear once again after another stifling night with fans as my only source of cool air. Did I mention that I spent a great deal of money (at least for me) to get a brand new unit installed just slightly more than six months ago?

The house, the yard, everything but the trees, was new ten years ago. That's when we had the home built and moved in. The AC fan motor had to be replaced in the first month. The motor was replaced again about five years later. The compressor went out during the seventh year. It lasted for three years. That's when the completly new unit was installed and now, more problems. We lived in our previous house more than thirty years. That home was built in the 50's and we had zero problems with AC for nearly fifteen years. There's a lesson there somewhere.

Somehow, the cats are to blame for this, I'm sure of it, just haven't figured out how. Probably cat fur clogging something up or maybe bird bodies jamming a fan.

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