Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Puppy Saga Continues

I got to give her credit, the lady who dropped the puppy off at our house yesterday did indeed come back to get it that afternoon. Just one hitch, she brought it back this morning. She related a quite familiar story of how she had spent the entire day on the phone, trying to get anyone or any organization to deal with the little critter. Animal Aid was finally persuaded to take the dog but the lady had to agree to a period of servitude and to act as a sex slave for an undisclosed amount of time.

The reason this whole scenario is like a recurring bad dream, is that another neighbor had a similar experience. Found a dog, brought it to Ruth's Rescue Service with the understanding that she would find a home for it and that it was a very temporary solution. In a sense she did find a home, the dog stayed here for six months before another sucker, I mean animal lover, came along. In the meantime, Saint Ruth took it to the vet, got shots, all that expensive stuff, fed it of course, and let it roam the house where it proceeded to destroy nonessential items such as doors, gates, couches and comfy easy chairs.

The dog in the backyard now is about the same size as the previous occupant, small, white, with perky ears. Hell, it may be the same dog!!

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  1. Guess you're gonna have to fence in the whole back yard. Just sayin. YD


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