Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Owner Fights Back

There comes a time when enough is enough. One can suffer only so much defeat and humiliation before reaction and revenge come surging to the surface. So it is with the coonies. The damn raccoons are licking the bird seed platter clean each and every night leaving nary a scrap for my feathered friends. The birds are giving me some strange looks in the mornings.

"We fly in here, risk our lives evading hordes of death dealing cats, searching for the tiniest morsel of sunflower seed, but what do we get? Zilch. Nada. There are other bird feeders in town you know."

Just to review, the only and I mean only, way of keeping out the coonies that has worked so far is the electric fence charger. I went to great lengths and expense rigging PVC pipe, wire, and grounding rods to electrify one feeder. But it worked. And continues to work even without the charger being plugged in.

So, today I cut two pieces of PVC pipe to use as insulators, attached the hot wire to the middle strand holding the feeders, and grounded both ends. A voltmeter confirmed it, we are HOT baby. Volts and amps, silently wait for the first coonie to step across the insulator and hopefully light his little fuzzy ass up. No, it's not lethal but as the original rig demonstrated, it will get their attention.

Tonight will be the first test. Stay tuned.

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