Friday, April 6, 2012

My small tribute to the late great Gilda Radner as Emily Litella

Emily: What’s all this fuss about the right to bare arms? What’s wrong with bare arms anyway? It’s not like showing acres of boobies like some of these young whippersnappers do. There’s nothing sinful about a bare arm people. Okay, so some bare arms are kind of ugly with those splotchy looking brown spots and some are ugh, hairy. Yeah, some are wrinkled and flabby with all that loose flesh doin’ the hangy down thing. But you don’t have to look for Pete’s sake. Just discretely turn away and pretend those arms don’t exist.

Now some of the young boys have big, muscled arms that they bare every chance they get. That’s not so bad, not bad at all. So what’s the big deal about some kind of amendment? What’s that about?

Jane Curtain: Emily, that’s the right to bear arms. Not bare arms. Like a well armed militia. It’s in the constitution Emily.

Emily: Oh, well that’s entirely different. Never mind.

A clip from Gilda and Jane.


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