Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ice maker woes

I promised I would keep you up to date on the ice maker problems so here's the latest. You did want to stay informed, right? I swapped out the present device with an old ice maker I had in the attic. See, some of you would have thrown that away wouldn't you. Admit it. Anyway, the replacement didn't leak, kicked out the ice, but did not refill with water. There was only one thing to do. No, not buy a new one, that's the easy way out. What you do is tear the old one apart and poke around.

I should tell you that I spent almost my entire working career working on things with switches, relays, and blinking lights so I am not without poke around experience. Sho nuff, found a bad switch. Cleaned the contacts. Put it back together... although there was one little spring whose proper location was in question. Filled tray with water. Waiting. Updates to follow.

Folks, you just can't find blogs like this anywhere.

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