Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not good, not good at all.

The weekend started off really bad Friday night when I noticed hot air coming out of the AC vents here at the humble abode. This unit is only 6 months old, cost a fortune, and now...the damn thing quits. Fans were still blowing, just not cold. Shut it off, waited, turned back on. Still hot air, turned it off and left it off. Sat. morning I had cold air again but by late afternoon, same problem. Check the outside unit and it has frost all over the innards. Ah, usually a sign of low refrigerant. Call the AC dudes who installed this piece of junk. Turns out that although, I have a ten year warranty, parts and labor, that doesn't include weekend calls. Those cost $120. "Tough it out or pay up, sucker"

Not only that, but the timer on my little pond pump quit. More expense.

Then I watched the Dallas Cowboys last night, they looked broken too.

Supposed to hit mid nineties today. Not good, not a good weekend at all.

(Isn't that pathetic? To sit here and whine when there are millions of people on this planet that have never once in their lives felt the comfort of cold air coming from an AC.)


  1. So sorry for your AC issues! The line about the Cowboy's being broken is hillarious and I agree!!! I fear it is going to be a long, slow painful season for Da Boys!

  2. This has been a bad year for a/c units....I'm keeping my fingers crossed, ours is still putting right along but Kendra and Aaron both had major problems. Kendra had to purchase a new unit and Aaron had to have something major repaired on his. Maybe we should all go back to window units LOL.

  3. I have had experience with this! Can't help you out on the mechanical part, but....after camping out in 100+ degree weather for 2 days (racoons eating our food and swimming in a hot lake), we arrived home to hot air. Couldn't take it. Went to hotel. That room was hot, so adjusted the air and went to swim in their hot pool. Back in the room...still hot. Air broke there too. Moved to another room. Party moved in next door. No sleep until about 3 a.m. when they were finally kicked out and we were high in our non-sleep from the funny smoke coming under the adjoining door. So gave up on the hotel.
    At least I had an attic fan. YD

  4. To keep cool while waiting on air man for 2 or 3 days: Open every window and turn every fan on high. Sit on front porch with water hose trickling cold water over your knees (beer in hand, of course) and your feet in a flat of cold water. Wrap a cold wet towel around your neck. Keep cold beer in your hand at all times.
    At bedtime, take cold shower and go to bed with wet hair. Replace the beer with a spray bottle of ice water and spray yourself intermittently throughout the night. YD


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