Friday, August 6, 2010


I was most relieved when the neighbor lady picked up the stray dog yesterday afternoon, as were the cats. Hopefully the little thing will have a future but a dog with questionable ancestry doesn't have much chance of adoption it seems. Here's your old man lecture of the day folks; spay and neuter!!!. Yeah it costs a little money but you're doing the animal and the rest of the community a great service. Tell your kids that animals aren't like video games, to play with for awhile and then forgotten.

The dog may be gone but the young Mississippi Kites are still here and on the nest, though not for long. This morning, the two youngsters were sitting out on a limb, their fuzzy white heads having changed to a light brown and now sporting dark streaks across their breasts. It won't be long; days, maybe hours, before they take to the skies. According to my reference books, the adults will continue to feed them for a few more weeks, sometimes in mid-air. Now that's a photo I'd love to get.

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  1. Yeah, get that shot, okay? Love to see it. YD


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