Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Every morning, I try to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. There's two of them but I pick the easy one. Why the easy one? I just said, because it's morning. I am not a morning person. I used to be a night person but now I'm too old for that as well. Now, I'm more of ten to two guy with a nap thrown in.

I've been doing that puzzle for years and have become quite familiar with the clues, many times the same ones being used over and over again. Takes me about ten minutes, fifteen max. But to further stimulate the old brain cells, many of them dead and dying from too many beers, I sometimes try to so the Scrabble words. There are four words to solve, the letters jumbled, and you are to make six or seven letter words from the jumble.

I fail, miserably, almost every day. My programming does not recognize the answers. I need a new download, a new driver, an update, more RAM, something. The words aren't usually that hard. The solutions, revealed in the next day's paper, are fairly common words ending up with the old head slap and saying "I knew that word!" What's aggravating though, is when the sadist that authors that puzzle comes up with one like he did yesterday morning. The word was "upwaft".

No that's not a misspelling. "Upwaft". It's like asking Elmer Fudd what he felt when he put his head out the window on the 25th floor. "An upwaft, a vewy stwong upwaft." Bugs, the wascally wabbit, probably felt the upwaft as well.

That was it. No more Scrabble for me. I'm sticking to the crossword.

Th, th, tha, that's all folks.


  1. wrote a comment but it didn't post for some reason.....wasn't all that interesting of a reply anyway. Oh well. YD

  2. Have you gotten hooked on the Sudoku puzzles yet? I began trying to solve them months ago and got some coaching from one of the attorneys who always eats his lunch in the lunchroom with the staff. And then one day, I managed to finish the puzzle all by myself, and ding!! it's like a light went on in my head and I "got it"!! I don't finish very many of them, but when you begin to understand the strategy and how only 1 number will fit in any one box, it gets easier. I guess that's probably true with all such puzzles, eh?


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