Monday, August 16, 2010

They're Baaaccckkkk

The raccoons are back, raccoons as in plural, as in baby raccoons, a whole damn family of them, maybe more than one family. All I know is that of the five bird feeders that I have strung across the back yard, four of them were empty, bare, not one seed in them this morning. The thieves were spotted around midnight last night when the Missus opened the door to check on her cats. She said there were so many coons out there, it sounded like a stampede when the light came on.

Do you think the cats lifted a paw to defend their territory or to sound the alarm? NOOOO. Would you like to know why the fifth feeder remained untouched? Well, I'll tell you why. Because that feeder had the distinction of being wired with an electric fence charger that's why. Now the charger hasn't been plugged in for a month, but nary a seed was touched. Obviously, a lesson was learned and remembered for that particular dispenser.

The live trap doesn't work anymore. They remember that too.

Tonight, I'm calling the cats together for a meeting to remind them where their groceries are coming from and how a little cooperation will keep that tuna coming.

Stay tuned for results of that.


  1. I know at least two people that had coons move in to there fireplace via the chimney, they had a whole familey in there.

  2. Yes, electrical shock therapy is a life long remembered treatmet! Used it on my horses many a time to keep them from tearing down a fence by leaning into and rubbing on it. The funny thing about this story is that my one bird feeder with several hanging feeders, socks, platform, etc., etc. is empty everyday just from the birds! I don't even fill the feeders up everyday because I would be bankrupt!!! I did grow some mammoth sunflowers this year and know I throw a huge sunflower head on the platform and make the birds work for their food!


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