Friday, August 20, 2010

The Morning After

An eerie calm fell over the backyard feeders as the first rays of light revealed the aftermath of the electrified wire project. There were no raccoon bodies, no dead birds, no cats. Most of the feeders looked untouched even though I did catch sight of mama coon and three little ones eating seed from the ground around ten last night. They ran off when the light hit them but here's the thing, it looks like, and I can't be sure of this, but the middle feeder with the open tray seems to be missing way more seeds than what the birds might have eaten.

Tonight I'm going for documentation. I have a trail cam that I'm setting up. You've seen them, they're activated by motion and can take infra-red photos in the dark. Again, stay tuned. Photos tomorrow.

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  1. Dumb coons. Though that doesn't seem to apply as to them like it does cows. YD


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