Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday, with sprinkles.

A little rain this Sat. morning but not enough. The grass is turning brown but I'm too cheap to water the lawn as I should. Living outside the city limits has its disadvantages as we folks out here on the edge are charged, no penalized, by outlandish water rates. But get this, my house is less than a mile and on the downhill side from an enormous water tower owned by the city. The water has to travel much further to reach Sand Springs than it does to my house. By logic, I should get a reduced rate, don't you think?

My computer monitor went belly up. Well, not actually dead, but in need of intensive care. It began with a little bit of a flicker on power-up and steadily degraded to black screen for five minutes followed by another five minutes of flicker. Thing is, its only a little over two years old. Yeah, there's a warranty but for parts only. I have no clue what the labor and shipping would be. No doubt close to the original cost.

As old timers like to say, "They just don't make wide-screen, high definition, LCD monitors like they used to."

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