Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Rant

Recent item in the newspaper: Seventeen year old girl in pickup crosses center line killing a 20 year old girl. Hmmm. Blowout or inattentiveness? My guess; texting on a cell phone. C'mon people, this practice is beyond stupid, it's tragic.

Then there was the story about the vandals that ripped the arms off a tree stump sculpture depicting a boy waving. The carving was in Utica Square, an upscale shopping center. The artist was a well known chain saw sculptor. Could someone explain to me the motivation behind this? How about all the media attention these jerks got? First a big article in the newspaper followed by television coverage. Can't you just see them pointing at the screen and giggling. "That's us. We did that! Hey guys, what do you want to destroy next? Maybe we'll get national coverage next time!"

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