Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Have you noticed all the earthworms that have been crawling out of the grass and on to the driveways and sidewalks only to end up looking like little black curly fries? Why do they do that? We know they have nerve endings because of the way they wiggle when we put them on a fish hook. So what are they thinking?

"Hey guys, I gonna crawl off this dirt and out of the grassy shade and venture across that white area out there where the heat waves are boiling up like a waffle maker. Looks like fun to me."

I mean, what kind of logic is that? After the first inch of delicate worm skin hits that 100 plus degree pavement, wouldn't you think he'd go "Uh, oh. Something wrong here."

But no, he doesn't back up, he doesn't do a U, he just lays there, maybe thinking he's somehow crawled onto a beach in Miami, Florida and will soon meet up with some worm babes. Or, "Hey, what a great spot for a tan."

At some point he has to be doing the Wicked Witch of the West thing, "I'm melting, I'm melting." But by then it's too late isn't it?

I don't understand worms.


  1. I know what you mean, we were at a water park with the grandkids a while back, and I thought I saw a small snake on the sidewalk. It looked like it was break dancing, then I realized it was a night crawler getting roasted. Like you, I don’t know why it didn’t back up when it felt the heat.

  2. Worms are stupid! End of story! ;)


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