Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeder update

Put on a fresh coat of deck stain this morning. Looks better. Second coat to follow.

While out there, I observed that the supply of bird seed is at normal levels. No more coon raids even though I've unplugged the fence charger a few days ago. An added benefit of this arrangement is that the squirrels have been discouraged as well. Maybe I should start a new business.; call it Feeder Zapper or somehing. Just send me $20 and receive plans on how to protect your feeders forever.

Of course there's that little technicality where the homeowner's heart stops when he gets hit with the Zapper because he forgot to turn if off before replenishig the seeds. There's that. Maybe I could include an asterisk at the bottom of the instuctions. Fine print of course.

*Not responsible for premature death.

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