Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good news, bad new.

First, the good news. My AC worked all last night and is still working this morning although NOW it's nice and cool outside.

Was suffering a bit of cabin fever and even through the forecast called for scattered showers, I wanted to get out of the man cave for awhile and shoot some photos. Been thinking about driving the old Route 66 toward Oklahoma City and look for photo ops along the way and since there were some nice overcast skies to diffuse the light, it seemed like a good idea to take off. The rain started pecking at the windshield within two blocks of home. Drove an hour, rain never stopped. It was almost a constant downpour. Too heavy most of the time to see much of anything. Drove home. Rain quit as I pulled in the driveway. Electronic rain gauge read .04 inches. My dying grass continues to turn a sickly shade of yellow.

Another unpleasant surprise popped up when I stepped out to my newly stained and preserved wooden deck. Everywhere the rain water pooled up, a whitish circle had formed. This after buying one of the best stain products there is from the Home Depot.

Drive a man to drink.

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