Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Day After

For weeks, I've anticipated the start of football season, practically counting the days until the opening kickoff. After yesterday, I'm thinking 90+ days until basketball starts. OU, my favorite college team for like forever, looked uh, how can we put this kindly, like Sand Springs High School on a bad day? Every year, I tell myself to pay no attention to the hype coming out of the coaches; that this is a great looking team; we have a couple potential Heisman candidates, and yes we'll be in the hunt for a National Championship!

Okay, great by what standard? Greater than a team that goes 4 for 12 ?
My grandson is a potential Heisman candidate and he's only 7.
National Championship? C'mon coach.

But I fell for it, like I always do. Yes, they did win. Barely and that's with Utah State missing their best running back and wide receiver. There's that. So why do I feel like the season's over?

Drive a man to drink.

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  1. Could be worse you could be a KU fan...

    Kansas 3
    North Dakota St. 6


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