Thursday, July 29, 2010

The problem of sending the web address of this blog to friends and relatives continue (yeah, like they really want it). I now find that my problem is not unique. It seems Cox Communications has initiated a new spam filter on incoming AND outgoing mail and if the URL you are trying to send, fits that criteria, you get blocked, spam or no spam. Complaints to Cox have gone nowhere. However, Alert Reader CB, has offered some suggestions that I will look in to.

While on the morning bird feeder duties (more seed, clean bird bath, fresh sugar water for the hummers) I spotted a movement in the grass. It was the cutest little snake you ever saw. He was easy to catch and I marveled at how beautiful his markings were. The pattern on his back suggested King snake but I'm not sure. Naturally, I took it in the house to show the Missus. She was not impressed even when I pointed out how rapidly it was moving its little forked tongue.

Which begs the question, how well can a snake hold its likker?

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  1. There is no such thing as a cute snake!


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