Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cell phones and accidents

Read in the Tulsa World where, in 2009, 6000 motorists died from accidents with distracted drivers. 500,000 were injured. SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE! That should make the World Trade Center disaster look like second page news, yet we continue to chat and text while doing 65 (or more) down highway 169, easily the most dangerous street in Tulsa. My observations conclude that half the people on the streets these days have a phone stuck to their ear. I seldom talk on the phone and drive. Heck, I seldom talk. My average talk time is about 20 minutes a month. But I think anyone who has ever used a cell in the car has had a close call or two or at the very least, was distracted.

Luckily, our brain automatically adjusts to most driving conditions while we jabber away. A brake light comes on, the brain sees red and says slow down. But where conscious decisions are called for (what lane do I need to be in? How far to my exit? ) the cell phone sucks your smarts right out into cyberspace. Don’t get me started about texting while driving.

Why not simply ask yourself, is this call necessary right now? Can’t it wait for a few minutes until I get home? Do six thousand people have to die?


  1. Studies have been done, published in a reputable medical journal, that driving while talking on a cell phone poses the same risk (especially to me) that driving while under the influence of alcohol does. Why then, don't our brilliant political leaders take some action? They have passed laws about alcohol and driving (everyone has a negative view of a drunk driver). Could it possibly have something to do with votes and getting re-elected? Nah, they would never be that prosaic. They always have our best interest in mind, not their egos or next election. It continues to be a mystery, right up there with dark matter and dark energy.

  2. Don't know how many times I've come up behind someone and thought they must be drunk....their inappropriate speed, their lack of awareness...and then passed them to see them talking on their phone!

    Also have been cut off way too many times from people getting on the expressway while talking on their phone and immediately crossing 2 lanes of traffic, right into me! Slam on the brakes or am forced to veer somewhat into the lane next to me.....and when you pass the idiot to give them a dirty look (or gesture)....they DON'T EVEN SEE YOU because they're still talking on the *#%&@%# phone! YD again.


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