Sunday, July 25, 2010

mowers and music

I know that many of you are wondering about the outcome of the repair on the the lawnmower. The patient is under observation for the time being. There was exploratory surgery and a temporary fix installed. The part in question is called a fuel solenoid and Mr. Sears wants $68 for a new one. SIXTY EIGHT BUCKS! This for a part no bigger than your little finger and consists of no more than a piece of metal, a coil of wire, a plunger, and a magnet. For $68 I can buy any number of devices that do thousands of tasks. The fuel solenoid moves a plunger up and down when 12 volts is applied. That's all. That's it. Such a deal.

If that weren't enough, the record player developed a problem. Some of you will not recognize the term record player. It's machine that old people use to listen to music recorded on large, black disks. No, it won't play MP3s or videos on U-Tube. What was happening was the needle on the tone arm (Google it) would go to the end of the grooves and sit there until someone finally noticed it two or three months later. No problem I say. Probably needs a minor adjustment.

The new one from Amazon arrived yesterday.

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