Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The lawnmower problem has gone from bad to worse. Now it won't start. All I did, I swear, was to squirt a teeny, tiny bit of carburetor cleaner in the thing and now it wont hit a lick. Big problem! I am not a mechanical person. Never had the slightest bit of interest in taking things like car engines apart. Or is it motors? See?

My mom said it was because I didn't like to get my hands dirty and she was right, still don't.

In other news, I saw a Painted Bunting on the bird feeder last night. That guy hasn't been around in ages. Of course, the fact that a pack of vicious cats constantly patrol the area is a factor, I'm sure.

Took 148 photos of a Mississippi Kite nest last night. Might keep two. Glad it wasn't film.

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