Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yes, it's another snow story.

Did I mention that I LOVE being retired? Back in the day, and after a snow storm, I had to get to work at good old Southwestern Bell and once there, brave the elements to do various telephone related repair jobs.  But no more. Those days are past.  Did I mention I HATE snow? Why I live in Oklahoma still puzzles me.

When the storm that blew through here yesterday dropped around 14" of that white junk, I was fully prepared with  food, shelter, and booze;  ready to watch TV and play with Photoshop until spring if need be. Retirement and being old  has its advantages you know. The temperature dropped to 5 degrees last night and that's cold for Oklahoma so I don't what to hear from you northern guys about your 40 below weather, okay?  The day started as usual with my morning visit to the throne but there was a problem, the toilet tank did not refill. Uh oh. Tried the water in the sink, nary a drip. Another uh oh.

This has happened before with no ill effects but  with the forecast of an eight below zero night looming ahead such as we have now, things are getting dicey. Now we're talking about pipes breaking and if warm weather ever returns, water spewing behind the walls and into the house. Thinking I should be prepared to shut the water off in the event of a rupture, I went out this morning and dug through a drift of a couple feet until I found the cover for the water meter and the shut off valve below.  The location being good to know if you're watching TV in the living room and your feet suddenly feel cold and wet. 

Thing is, the house has a slab floor with most of the plumbing inside the slab so there shouldn't be a problem. Did I mention I HATE my home builder even more than I HATE snow?

Once it warms up, I'm sure I will have to deal with the dreaded sight of another plumber's ass crack but who you gonna call?

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  1. It is forecasted to be 21 degrees in Houston tonight (Wed.) after a 22 degree real temp. Tuesday night. Wind Chill = 10 to 15 degrees. Yuck!! Your portrait with the shovel reminds me why I moved to Texas Gulf Coast. I saw a cedar waxwing at the feeder - - they are eating me out of house and home... Stay warm and Dry. Still have your Thunder Mug???


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