Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Blue and Gray

Although it's hard to believe, yesterday I actually left the sanctity of the Man Cave, ignoring the college hoops on TV, and ventured westward to the town of Yale, Oklahoma. The Saturday Tulsa World had an article about a Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Round Mountain to take place at Jim Thorpe Park. If you have never seen one of these, they’re kind of a hoot. History buffs gather up in full costume of the period, Confederate and Union, and play out the battles with as much accuracy as possible. They set up campsites with amazing authenticity using canvas tents and even iron kettles for cooking. It’s a family hobby with these guys; as the wives and kids join in the fun with their own old timey clothes. I dressed up as a photo geek with two cameras hanging over me and strolled around the camp snapping pics of the soldiers. Everyone was quite cooperative in having their photo taken, especially the kids.

The battle itself started with the explosion of canon fire which scared the bejesus out of all the dogs that spectators had brought along. I think I lost what little hearing ability I have left. The reenactment on this day was not quite what you would see in the movies. The Rebels would advance along a line, kneel down, and fire off their powder filled rifles and muskets and then the Union boys would move up and do the same. I noticed that a lot of the fat boys out there were the first to be “killed” as they got to lie down and rest while the others continued with the skirmish. There was no hand-to-hand fighting except for a very brief encounter where two guys brandishing long sabers, dared to ride their horses into the opposing camp and wave their weapon around.

When the battle ended, I had shot a couple hundred photos, some of which you’re gonna have to look at in the coming days.

Oh, and about this blog. My number of “followers” has been stagnant for as long as I can remember. How am I to establish a cult without more followers? If you enjoy these ramblings, pass it on. Tell your friends and neighbors. Appreciate it.

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