Sunday, August 12, 2012


Recently, Dan Cathy, CEO of the well known fast food franchise Chick-Fil-A, expressed his opinion on gay marriage and homosexuality in general.  "It's an abomination, says so in the Bible," Dan said. Next thing you know, those people will be having sex with chickens. Where will that leave us? Nobody will eat a chicken that's been, well...I'm not goin' there, but you get the picture."

The following Appreciation Day resulted in the most profitable day in Chick-Fil-A's history.

My feeling on the subject? Dan is a freakin’ genius! What we have here is an entirely new marketing strategy; using the Bible to bring in customers. Think about it. What a concept. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s take Sear’s for instance. As we all know, the once powerful chain is in serious decline, closing stores and laying off thousands of employees. Following Ray’s lead, all they need to do is buy a little ad space:

Remember Noah? Remember the Ark? We believe. Giant Tool Sale! Friday and Saturday!  Saws half off.

Voila! Business worries are over, profits are up, and the exec’s go back to making millions in bonuses again.

Home Depot could jump right in with: Lumber. Two for one on two by fours.  Come on down!

Radio Shack: Get your GPS here. Works on water OR dry land. 

Facebook: Be the first to friend Noah. 

Atwood’s: Need exotic animal feed? We got you covered.

Sherman-Williams: We believe too. Check out our MARINE PAINT special!

Bass Pro: Rain Suits! You never know when you’ll need one.

Acme Waste Removal: You poop it. We scoop it. 

Or how about Adam and Eve and the apple?  Now we’re talkin’ grocery stores (fruit), landscaping and shrubbery sales, poison ivy remedies, clothing stores (especially clothing stores), not to mention snake removal services.

Dan my man, you may have finally found a way to jump start the economy. I tip my hat to ya.

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