Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Icemaker Nightmares Are Back

Our new Maytag refrigerator has yet to see its first birthday, an infant really, and yet, the problems continue. There was the weird tap-tap-tapping noise a few months ago. That was fixed by the lonely Maytag repairman. But now, my old nemesis, the ice maker, has reared its ugly head once again. There were reservations about buying a fridge with a built in dispenser that spews ice out the front but I ignored the warnings. I was blinded by the tantalizing convenience of having ice and cold water for the evening spooker available at the tap. A one stop marvel. How cool is that? Tinkle, tinkle goes the ice, add a jigger of fine bourbon, top it off with chilled water, all without taking a step (provided you have planned ahead and stored the bourbon within easy reach which I of course did).

Except lately, the tinkle, tinkle has transformed into a roar of ice not unlike an avalanche you might see on Mt. McKinley. On pressing your glass against the lever, you hear an ominous grinding noise, nothing dropping out, not yet, and suddenly… WHOOSH, ice fills the glass, overflows, skids across the tile, making wet spots all over the kitchen, and scaring the bejesus out of the cats. You cannot jerk the glass out fast enough and even if you did, the damn thing keeps on spewing for oh…twenty or thirty minutes, that’s what it seems like anyway. Keep in mind that the Missus is still recovering from a broken foot and stepping on slick ice that I failed to find and pick up could be hazardous not only to her health, but my own as well.

Clearly, this is an unacceptable condition. Did I mention the warranty expires in two weeks? No, I did not buy an extended warranty, that’s against my principles, but the Missus strongly suggested that I look into it and adding I told you not to buy one of those dispensers in the door models didn’t I? A quick check reveals that Maytag wants $144 a year for the extended service or one can choose the 3 year plan at only $369. Such a deal.

Or, and this is probably what will happen, I will go about my spooker business as usual, keep the mop handy, and cuss Maytag on a daily basis. The cats can look out for themselves.

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