Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Journey to Ecuador: Day 9

Another day of bird photography here at Cabanas San Isidro. Looked out the window this morning to see clear skies, a blue bird day; at least an Ecuadorian blue bird anyway. Started off great with another Trogan, this time at a reasonable shooting distance, followed by more jays, and then a flycatcher that looked a lot like our Western Kingbird (at least to me it did). A beautiful woodpecker landed only three feet above my head but I couldn’t get a clear angle.

Had a new experience today. While hanging around the feeders, one very curious (or hungry) hummer landed on my finger and actually stuck his bill into my closed fist. Today, we were able to use natural light for a change and I believe the photos will look much better when viewed on the computer at home. Linda heard an owl call during the night and got out of bed to look. She found it and got the shot. What a trooper.

Plans were made to locate the owl again on the following night but despite a few suggestions to organize the shoot where we could all get a chance at it, the plan went out the window at first sight of the bird when a half dozen flashes hit it in the face and naturally the owl flew off. I had no more than 15 or 20 seconds to get the shot but since I am not as quick on the trigger as the younger crowd, I walked away with nothing. Group shoots may be fine for some, but when herd mentality takes over in pursuit of a single subject, it’s not my cup of tea

At least there was hot water in the room to ease my poor old back and disappointment. This room is larger with space to walk around and keep our bags out of the path to the bathroom at night. We have a work table and shelves as well. Pure luxury.

Dinner was not up to the usual standards but there was one new taste treat, black pepper ice cream. Sounds crazy but it was very good.

A brand new species here. Not sure of the scientific name but Colin dubbed it the Yellow-booted Rufous Crown. See below.

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