Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Fingers and New Tricks

Typing on a little keyboard may be a snap for the younger generation, thumbs only from what it appears, but this old dude is having fits trying to train these ancient and arthritic digits to find the right letters on a Dell Netbook. Texting on an iPhone? Forget it.

My normal computer is sick and in the hospital. Why? Glad you asked. It all started with a Google search, no, not one of those to find nekked women, but a common search for info involving an NBA basketball player. When I clicked the link, a screen appeared that looked EXACTLY like my Microsoft Security Essentials program saying my firewall was down. It wasn't like I'd never seen the screen before, it's not uncommon on a reboot, but this time another screen pops up listing a number of viruses invading my computer; wham, wham, wham, one after another for a total of 24 of the nasty and infuriating little germs.. Like most computer owners, I panicked and when it asked if I wanted to "clean" my computer, I said Oh Hell Yes and do it quickly.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was all a scam and I fell for it. My first hint was when the screen asked if I wanted to buy a program to clean up the mess. All they needed was a credit card number. I may be old and slow but I wasn't that stupid. However, it quickly became obvious that ridding the machine of the viruses was beyond my limited skills hence the hospital stay in intensive care. Anxiously awaiting prognosis.

Meanwhile, I fumble, stumble, and search  for the proper keys on this horridly small keyboard. Old fingers do not learn new tricks easily.

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