Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bad Day, Good Day

First, the Bad Day.  Today was the funeral service for Dennis Quetone, my ex-son in law and father to two of my grandchildren and grandfather to baby Rio.  I always liked Dennis, especially his sense of humor.  Never saw the guy in a bad mood although I"m sure, like everyone else, he had his share of them. What I really appreciated about Big D was his dedication and support of his daughter's activities; dance recital, cheerleading competition (those were really awful), marching band, you name it, Dennis would show up.

 It was a nice service, lots and lots of family and friends were there. I scanned about 50 photos and put a little slide show together, something I hope someone will do for me when that time comes.  An older gentlemen representing the Kiowa tribe, said some words and sang a hymn. Nice. The preacher presiding over the main service started off well enough, having people in the audience stand and share a few memories of Dennis, but at the end he relapsed into the standard, and apparently obligatory, call to Jesus.  All you "men of the cloth" listen up please.  Do your recruiting on Sunday morning.  Do not use an occasion of mourning as an opportunity to add us sinners to your converts list. We in the audience would much rather hear anecdotes or maybe the favorite tunes of the dearly departed than your pitch to join up with Jesus.
But maybe that's just me.

Now for the Good Day part. Today is the 51st wedding anniversary of me and old what's-her-name.  On the way home from the funeral, I asked her if she wanted to do anything special, maybe have a nice meal somewhere.  She said all she really wanted to do was to go home, put on her "elastic", eat some homemade soup, and have a quiet evening doing not much of anything.

That's why I love that woman.


  1. Happy Anniversary to Ruth and her favorite guy!!!

    My condolences on Dennis' death. Now I know where the Kiowa connection originates from "No Refuge."

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Someone asked me if I was upset about the old Kiowa guy taking over part of the service....that was the best part for me, and I know Dennis would have appreciated it. We couldn't wait for the other guy to just STOP!
    So out of place.
    Wish you could have come to the service near Meers. It was beautiful, in a church built in the late 1800s, Kiowa hymns, memories of cousins of and family, fry bread and great meal afterwards. Hope it made up for the part fiasco service here in Tulsa.
    I don't think anyone can think of Dennis without smiling, even through tears. Miss him.


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